Learn to Fix Your Fiction

Revision coaching services for genre fiction authors

Even if you have a tempting story to tell, plump with characters, genre tropes, wit, and color, weak language skills will not carry your vision to your reader. In fact, readers are pressed for time, so they will discard a story that makes them struggle through a mire of awkward sentences, flat verbs, and rank tangles of bland language.

In coaching sessions we work together to revise your writing and develop your fundamental language skills, from grammar up through higher-level mechanics such as sentence structures, paragraphs, and dialogue. We’ll integrate your new work with all the architectural elements of storytelling such as character development, plot, conflict, and pacing. These skills will infuse your writing with new energy and save you money when you are ready to send your manuscript to a professional editor.

In addition to revision coaching, I offer writing tutorials and developmental editing services to help your story seeds germinate, grow, and bloom.